Monday, November 8, 2010


No good excuses for not posting lately. I've really been busy lately trying to be more writerly. I've been busting my buns to keep up with NaNoWriMo, but I'm already two days behind. Once you get behind, it's a hard thing to overcome.
 I like the beginning of the new story I'm working on, but I'm also torturing myself for abandoning (if only temporarily) the novel I'd been working on since June. Fact of the matter was, I'd lost my stride with that novel, with only a few chapters left (5 chapters left to the end of book 1 of 3). What's sad is that it was brought about by a sudden realization that the novel was going to be much shorter than I had anticipated. I fell vicitim to one of my own pieces of advice (who cares how long it is!). But, now I'm indulging in a bit of supernatural fiction that stemmed from an idea I had several years ago, but never had a clue as to how to play it out. I still have no clue, bu I managed to chart out the first dozen or so chapters. I'm hoping that once I get the ball rolling, the story will find its own way. I'm now just over 10,000 words in on day 9, which means I'm (Arrrgh!) ~5k behind schedule (remember...the goal of nanowrimo is to write 50k words in 30!). But, I'm really not trying to worry so much about word count, but merely getting myself back into the habit of writing every day. It's one I've said isn't necessary, but practice does make perfect. Well, ok...maybe not perfect...but you know what I mean.

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