Thursday, July 28, 2011

Leading Two Lives is Hard!

Well, ok...not quite two "whole" lives, but still...trying to edit, release, blog, and market for my pseudonymous novel AND keep up with this blog and write and edit other stuff has been tasking to say the least. I've actually had to set alarms on my cell phone to pry me away from forum hopping/promotion. Can't say that it's really gotten me anywhere this first week, but when you're an indie newbie, bestsellers don't happen overnight. Caution...there's a bit of snark beyond the jump...

Trick is, this whole indie promotion thing can be a bit addicting. You go over and tout your wares in one space, then focus on another for a little bit, then you find out that there's this really popular site over here that you haven't established yourself on. Then you check whether anyone has purchased your book (curse you Amazon and your easy access!). Rinse, repeat. It's an vicious loop to get caught in. Suddenly, the hours have slipped by and you look back to see what you've accomplished (results may vary):

  • 1. One more fan liked your Facebook page...most likely another author trying to sell you their book.
  • 2. No one responded to your forum post, so now it has slipped off the front page to disappear into wherever unloved posts go to die.
  • 3. A handful more followers on Twitter...more authors trying to sell you their book.
  • 4. In a moment of excitement, you can't believe someone posted the first review of your new book...only to discover it was your (insert family member/best friend here).
  • 5. Your book slid from #55,345 on the Amazon bestseller list to #74,234. You think, 'Well, at least it hasn't reached 6 digits.'
  • 6. You have not sold a single copy on since your release and wonder if perhaps it's been down. hasn't. You think, 'Well, at least it hasn't reached 7 digits.'
  • 7.  Five visitors checked out your blog. Probably all family members...or authors trying to sell you their book.
  • 8. You have two new emails: 1 is from another author...trying to...oh, you know. The other is from your spouse/significant other, letting you know that he/she has turned off the light in the bedroom and will more than likely be sleeping upon your arrival and any attempt to illuminate said room will result in serious repercussions. He/she closes with 'Sincerely.' 

So, where does this all lead? I've got to work on the non-indie writing so I can stop "working." It's killing me! But, first I have to write the sequels to please the 17 folks who bought my first book. That, my friends, is dedication!


  1. Wow! So true even in the pottery business just not to this extent. Yet....

  2. Hello.

    I am having trouble locating the Danny Dierk novel. Where does it hide? I stupidly read the excerpt (Stupidly because now I have to read the book. *impish grin*).

  3. Hi egoot! I'm glad you liked the excerpt so much! I'm seeking representation for the Danny Dierks novel at the moment. No such luck right now, but I will be sure to post it all over the place when it does publish. :-D

  4. Oooh I will have to look into reading your book. It sounds like a lot of work went into it.

  5. Would be happy if you did! :)

  6. Sounds familiar. I write under three names, but I'm only actively promoting two of them. It's so strange to have these different identities, all of them almost fully formed and keeping straight who I am during which minute! :)

  7. Oh no! Much much luck to you, I wish you every success.

  8. Careful not to discount the authors trying to sell you their books. Authors are buyers, too, and often appreciate finding new talent even more than the average reader. I've got a blog post I'd like you to check out. Not requesting that you buy anything. Heck, I don't have anything to buy. But I do reveal how you can sell more books by learning to buy them first. Hope you enjoy!