About the Author

I wrote my first story of length when I was 14. It took another twenty years to finish my first novel. Luckily, the second came a tad quicker.

I am unpublished.

I am optimistic about my ability to write stories that people want to read.

I am presently seeking representation for a YA fantasy series that plays off of the Arthurian legends. My other genres include thrillers and science fiction.

I work for the publishing industry and will do so until I can get them to work for me.

I live in NJ. That's a fact, not the punch line to a joke.

I am a first-generation American.

I am a father, son, husband, brother, brother-in-law, and uncle.

I am not looking forward to adding to that previous list.

I love ice cream.

I hate that people kill one another, but I particularly hate it when a god is envoked to try and justify it.

I hate that most people have to bust their humps just so they can relax for what's left of their lives.

I hate lists that don't seem to have a point.

I hate hypocrites.

I think we all misunderstand love.

I think anyone who wouldn't go back and do it differently, hasn't made enough mistakes yet.

If I have to play the game, then I'm going to play it my way.

I love to write.

I love books that make me think about life.

I hope this blog entertains you and maybe makes you think about life.