Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hi, my name is Scott Mulraney and you don't know me...yet. I'm a thirty-something unpublished (as of yet) writer with big ambitions. I have an idea that I'm working on right now that I think will be huge...if I can pull it off.

This is the first time I've ever had an idea that fleshed itself out in a matter of days. I literally spent two to three nights writing out a 30-chapter outline. And that was only book 1! I already have the general plot set for book 2, but first things first. I have a huge hurdle to overcome...finishing the first book. I completed my first novel in 2009. Written to be the first in a series of 3 thrillers, I ran out of gas after finishing the first book. But, at least it was finished. It received relatively good reviews (from family member who, by the way, were not paid for their positive reviews), but shortly after finishing it, I realized that what it really needed was a drastic change in the plot. I'd had my fill and I turned my back on it...for now. I was in a writing funk when lo and behold, a title came to me in a dream (i kid you not). I literally woke up with the title of this book on my tongue. I had no idea what it was about, but the title was cool (until I realized it sounded way too much like something that already exists). But, it was a start, and like I said, the story just came to me! I'm now ~9 chapters into this novel and I'm having fun. It's a tough road because I've never written young adult before, so I have to watch my language. My last novel had its fair share of colorful adjectives, so I had to learn to say stuff like, "Awe crap!" and "Gosh darn it!" :) But, I'm not just here to talk about my writing! I'd love to hear from others. Tell me about your writing experiences. Tell me about the latest book you couldn't put down. Tell me about something that inspired me during your day. Heck, tell me about your pet cat (I love cats!). Writing is an experience best served amongst many. So, let's write.