Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thoughts From the Wrong Side

My apologies for the distance between posts. I've been struggling to find blog time lately. Between packing for the move (T-minus 10 days...and counting [in German accent]), writing my novel, sneaking a page or two from several books I'm reading, working, playing with my son, and more packing, it's been a struggle just to breathe. Anyway, I've got a couple of thoughts to share.

*Last week, I wrote off this long rant about all the garbage going on with the "9/11 mosque." I considered posting it, but the steam sort of ran out of the topic for me once I'd put it to paper. I'll just say that we've really got to grow up as a society. How is it that we've advanced so far and yet we still insist on generalizing people? All Muslims are not the same just as all Christians are not the same. No two people are alike! Why are we grouping people together and assuming they all have the same mentality? It's close-minded and we're capable of so much more.

*I've read quite a few blog posts regarding the topic of whether or not to have a fan page on Facebook, or simply use your personal page. There are arguments for both that are legitimate. However, I've made up my mind, thanks to a certain friend on FB who's spent the last two weeks posting...and reposting her Ebay sales. Yeah, I don't want to buy what you're selling...and it's a turnoff to see something repeated every day (actually less annoying than all of those Farmville posts). Not to say that I would be doing something similar with regard to my books, but it's essentially the same concept. I think I'll go the route of the fan page, when the time comes. At least I know people will have signed up for my marketing spiel and not feel like they have to choose between that and being my friend.

*I've definitely slowed down a bit with my WIP writing lately. I seemed to reach a point where I knew I was on the precipice and that the novel was going to run from that point. but, it's just seemed to jog along and I'm a bit worried that, with only 9 chapters left, I'm only meandering when I should be running full tilt. Then, I remind myself that it's just the first draft and the important part is to get it out and onto the paper. The real work begins with the second draft. ;)

*Is it just me, or is there 10 times more email propaganda regarding Obama than there ever was regarding Bush? (Maybe my mother just never forwarded the stuff about Bush). And, most of it is just downright absurd. Is this what it's regressed to? Making stuff up to try and discredit someone? Ugh.

Write on.

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