Sunday, February 27, 2011

Return From the Wrong Side

Hark, I return. And, like someone who knows they’ve been caught speeding and just doesn’t have a good excuse, or the time to make one up, I offer nothing to explain my time away. But, the exciting part is that I’ve been productive in the last four months; I finished my latest novel.

Not only have I finished my second manuscript, I’ve taken it a step further than my fist endeavor and I’ve actually completed two revisions of it! Go figure. And, now, after positive reviews from my test readers, I’m going to try and send it out into the great big world and see if it catches someone’s eye.

It’s an exciting time, but, for those who are unfamiliar with the process, let’s get something clear. I’m nowhere near “done.” As soon as I finished the second draft of my manuscript, I began the daunting task of writing both a convincing query letter and a synopsis that could wrap all that is great about my story into a neat one-to-five-page format. Yeah…I’m still working on the latter. You can find all sorts of guides on how to write both, but let me tell you that trying to condense a novel into an exciting handful pages is a bit daunting. Next will be sending out the query to agents that I believe are looking for my kind of book (fantasy, young adult). Then, I wait for a response (and wait…and wait). And, in the meantime, I get to start writing again. Book one may not be sold, but it might have a better shot at being accepted if book two is well on its way.

Once I figure out how, I plan on giving a dedicated page to an opening chapter excerpt.

Oh, and my excuse, officer, has some boring combination of the holidays, a new job and longer commute, finishing and revising, and a strong desire to avoid posting when I didn’t have much to say. I’ll be better going forward…I promise. But, I’ve discovered my limitations, so don’t expect more than a post a week.

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