Friday, March 25, 2011

Thoughts From the Wrong Side

I promise…this is the last post about Hawaii…and a short one at that!

Hawaii was a real treat. It's a place of starkly contrasting beauty and ruggedness and I won't soon forget it. However, as most trips will, this one revealed to us some little know facts of life.

1. You haven't tempted fate until you've built your new home where the lava flowed over your old home last month.

2. Unmarked gummy vitamins should not be left around unsuspecting adults with a sweet tooth.

3. Just because you can take the roof off a Jeep Wrangler, does not mean you can get it back on without injuring yourself...or others.

4. When under a tsunami watch, knowing Japanese may come in handy...especially when they don't follow up their middle-of-the-night announcement in English.

5. One hundred highway miles doesn't seem so bad until you put in a 4000 foot elevation change and a 55 mph speed limit.

6. Burger King hamburgers are just as crappy in Hawaii as they are here.

7. Small yellow and black-striped ocean fish apparently think red leg hair is an hors d'oeurve.

8. Hearing "Sooooomewherrrre oooover the rainbooooow....wayyyy up hiiiiiigh...." by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole too many times in succession instills a strong desire to beat someone with an ukelele (pronounced ookoo lay lay, by the way).

9. If you're going to lose your wedding band, do so in the easily accessible hotel pool...and not the Pacific Ocean.

10. Don't give your old digital camera to your five-year-old and be surprised when he loses it the first morning of vacation.


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